About Us

OPTIMAL BALANCE PTE. LTD. was started in June 2008 by an experienced consultant, assessor and lead auditor.

Over the past 20 years, we have built our expertise in the implementation and assessment of Business Excellence Framework (SPRING) and Management Systems as Consultant, Trainer, Lead Assessor and Lead Auditor.

Our forte in Business Excellence is the ability of our consultants to understand the effectiveness of an organization’s strategic planning process, the resultant strategies and their implementation. With this understanding and utilizing our broad and in-depth experiences, we are able to assist the organization to establish or renew their Business Excellence framework. We have many success stories in assisting organizations to achieve the SQA, SQC, PD, SIC, SSC and SIC.

At the strategic level, we assist organizations to create and realize their strategies but at times, challenges could be found at the execution level of the organization. In this instance, we are able to assist organizations through an efficient and effective method of managing their processes in order to ensure alignment of the functional processes to the strategic processes. This is where  it is important to implement the relevant Management System standard. We look at Management Systems standards as instrumental in the execution or operationalzing of strategies. We have assisted many organizations to achieve the various Management System certifications.

We work closely with our client, keeping their interest at heart and delivering optimal results for them.